Math Lab

Math lab contains the Manipulator, an interactive tool to master the concepts of mathematics deeply and of course joyfully. Here, the phobia for mathematics permanently vanishes from the life of students.

Columbia Global School along with Jodo Gyan, a Delhi based organisation, are partners in the on-going effort in our country to make education meaningful for our children in schools both within and outside the government.  Jodo Gyan has developed innovative methods and materials for developing Number Sense, teaching of fractions and decimals, integers and other mathematical concepts and reasoning. In the area of early numbers, these methods focus on the development of Number Sense.

Experience over the last decade involving thousands of children have demonstrated that these methods are effective in developing mathematical abilities of reasoning and problem solving, children learning through this approach feel very comfortable and confident about mathematics, thus eliminating fear of mathematics.

Methods at Jodo Gyan have been developed by connecting experimentation in actual conditions with the insights of current researches in the education sector. This work draws heavily on the work done by Usha Menon at the CSIR Research Institute, NISTADS, Jodo Gyan Kendra – An Experimental Learning Centre and Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht University, Amsterdam. 


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