Field Trips

A field trip to Parle-G Biscuit Factory at Saddu, Raipur was organized by Columbia Global School on Friday, July 29, 2022 for Pre-Primary students of Nursery, KG1 and KG2 An enthusiastic group of students and teachers was welcomed by the sweet aroma of fresh oven-baked biscuits. 


A short film explaining the process of manufacturing biscuits and chocolates, as well as advertisements of some of the company’s products was shown. Later students were allowed to enter the plant where actual process was underway. What really captured the children’s fascination was the working of the factory. From a deck overhead, the students were able to observe the assembly line system of mixing, baking, cooling and packing. They saw the dough being baked in bulk, after which the cut biscuits were ready and packed mechanically. Towards the end, freshly baked biscuits were served and students received packets of these as take away.


The combination of learning while having fun was made possible by seeing the assembly process in person, which, like many other topics, can be explained in the four walls of a classroom, but is made so much more effective when it is accessible and experienced by the learners. Through such field trips, we hope to cultivate practical learners by fuelling their innate curiosity and encouraging them to understand in a hands-on way.


The field trip was an overall success with the students’ enthusiastic response when they understood the ‘Genius’ of Parle-G. It was an interesting, enriching and informative field trip.